Friday, February 12, 2010


Bring on the Tex Mex!!! For the best seafood enchiladas in your life you have to stop here. Huge chunks of seafood in a creamy cheese sauce to die for. You can't go wrong with any of the Pappa restaurants in Houston Texas. Check it out!

Sprayberry's BBQ

Sprayberry's BBQ located in Newnan GA is a great place to go to get some BBQ with a vinegar style sauce. Their pulled pork is delicious with their own BBQ sauce drenched all over it. Got to try the sweet tea as well. I bought a bottle of the sauce to take home and love it own any meat. Enjoy!

Papa Vitos

Papa Vito's a local pizza, wings, salad, sandwich place in O'Fallon IL. Their buffalo wings are amazing and are baked not fried. They have three flavors to choose from which are original, spicy BBQ or pyro. Their pizza is thin crust with a sweet very delicious sauce with many toppings to choose from. I love their lunch combo specials that will leave you happy for a reasonable price. Their house salad with the house dressing is excellent as well. A great place to go support local restaurants.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Dekalb Georgia International Farmers Market Restaurant

If your looking for an international buffet with a touch of different countries food to choose from then the Dekalb Georgia International Farmers Market is the place to go. Every day the have different dishes from all over the world that you can pick from. They have a hot food line, salad bar, soups and other special dishes. Its a great opportunity to taste different spices and flavors in one place. You might find your next favorite dish!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Pepper Lunch- Singapore and Tokyo Japan

Pepper Lunch is one of those places for those who love lots of pepper, meat or fish and crispy rice. What they do is serve your food in a really really hot skillet and you stir the meat and rice together until it finished cooking. Its really good when the rice is burnt and crispy. Check out the website and see whats on their menu. If your in Singapore or Tokyo, check it out.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Boathouse in Forest Park, St. Louis Missouri

A great place to go for lunch after a walk in Forest Park in St. Louis Missouri is the Boathouse. Designed by St. Louis architect Laurent Torno, the new Boathouse is reminiscent of Midwestern boathouse cottages in the early twentieth century (from the restaurant website). They have a great lunch menu and their fish and chips are really good. Every place you eat prepares and uses a different batter on their fried fish. The Fried Cod there has a light taste with wonderful french fries. They offer many other items on their menu and you have the option to sit outside or inside.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Runza Sandwich in Omaha Nebraska

From the Runza website:

The roots of the Runza® Sandwich – a mixture of ground beef, cabbage, onion, and special spices baked inside homemade bread – stretch all the way back to 18th century Russia. In 1763, Germans who were invited to settle in the Volga region of Russia by Czarina Catherine the Great, developed the unique sandwich known as a bierock. A century later, many of the Germans immigrated to America due to a change in Russian leadership. Among those German-Russian immigrants was the Brening Family, who brought the bierock recipe with them to a farm near Sutton, Nebraska. Sally Everett and her brother, Alex Brening, founded the company in 1949 and opened the first location near Pioneers Park with a $500 investment. In 1966, Sally’s son, Donald Everett, purchased the rights to the Runza® Sandwich, federally trademarked the name, and opened his first Runza® Restaurant at 56th & Holdrege. As the chain slowly expanded, Don ensured quality was never compromised for the sake of growth. Donald Everett, Jr., President, stated, “My grandmother was a pioneer in the restaurant business.
She quickly developed a reputation for quality food and service. It was on this strong foundation that the chain of Runza® Restaurants was built. She knew the key to success was to provide honest value through superior food and service.” Runza® Restaurants possess a genuine commitment to maintain high quality products and customer service that helped launch the
popularity 60 years ago. Runza® Restaurants – famous for the Runza® Sandwich with its delicious blend of ground beef,
cabbage, onions and secret spices baked inside homemade bread; made-to-order hamburgers; and homemade onion rings – operates and franchises 83 restaurants in Nebraska (79), Colorado (2),
Iowa (1) and Kansas (1).